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Monday, August 15, 2011

Blackshades is the best RAT available in the Internet till now and it seems to be like many have problems using it,so here

is a walkthrough:

Unit 1: Port Forwarding
Unit 2: Setting up Blackshades NET
Unit 3: Connecting to your slave
Unit 4: Special Features

Unit 1: Port Forwarding

First we need to port forward to send and recieve connections through Blackshades NET so follow these steps to forward your


Step 1:Go to your router's settings page,Its usually or after trying this into

your address bar of your web browser you will be asked for login settings,login to your router by typing the username and

password.After loging in you will see this page

Note:These might not be applicable to all routers.If you find any difficulties please visit http://www.portforward.com

Setp 2:Now go to Port Forward settings(usually under Advanced settings) and then
click "Add Custom Service" and then type any name for it and then select service type as Both or TCP/UDP and starting port

as "port number number",ending port as "port number".And the server ip address as your LAN IP(You can find by typing

ipconfig in CMD.Its the ipv4 you need to type).For Blackshades we use 2 ports so forward 2 ports.

[Image: pf2.png]

Thats it,you are done with Port Forwarding :)

Unit 2: Setting up Blackshades NET

Step 1:Open client.exe to launch Blackshades NET and then you are automatically logged in to

Blackshades Client

Setp 2:Now click "Create Server" tab and right click in "profiles pane" and select "Create new" and

enter a profile name for it and click ok.

Step 3:Type your No-IP or DynDNS address into the "IP/DNS" area
Note:To create a No-IP address goto No-IP.com and register an account there and select "Add Host" and create one.

[Image: noipe.png]

Step 4:Type the Ports that you forwarded.First port as "Port",second port as "Transfer Port"

Step 5:Name anything as your "Server ID",its just to identify the slave.You dont want to disturb

the "Encryption Key"!

Step 6:Enter the "Filename" for the server that would be created.You can use "Hide File" feature if

you want a silent execution of the server file.

Step 7:Select the "Install path" for the server to get installed,either "Application data" or "Temp


Step 8:Select the "Install mode" for the server whether to Install,Melt,Protect Process.Note:

(Optional step)

Step 9:You can set the "Delay" time for the connection between your client and the server here.

Step 10:Enter "HKCU" as something which appears like a system name,eg:WinNT and Use "Startup"

feature if you want to server to run each time the computer is restarted.Note:(Optional step)

Step 11:Generate "ActiveX" if you had selected "Startup" feature.Note:(Optional Step)

Step 12:Generate "Mutex" for the server by clicking "Generate"

Step 13
:Click "Infect USB" if you want to infect the slave's USB with your virus,select "Compress with UPX" if you

want to compress your server size.Select "Change Icon" if you want to change the icon.Select "Clone File Information" if

you want to clone some file's information.Note:(Optional step)

Step 14:Click "Save" to save your profile information.Note:(Optional step)

Step 15:Click "Build" to create your server

[Image: builddy.png]

Thats it the server is now built :D

Unit 3: Connecting to your slave

Step 1:The server file that has been generated should be ran on the slave's PC.You need to send the

file to the slave with the server being crypted and binded or else the slave will find out that its a Virus.Note:Crypting

and Binding is an Optional step.

Step 2:Go to "Settings" tab and enter the two forwarded ports.First Port as "Connection Port" and

Second Port as "Transfer Port".

Step 3:Click "Activate" buttons for both "Connection Port" and "Transfer Port"

Step 4:After activating the 2 ports you can test them by clicking on "Test Port" adjacent to the

"Activate" buttons if the ports are forwarded correctly.

[Image: connectiond.png]

Step 5:After doing all,goto "Connections" tab to view and control all your slave computers.

[Image: connected.png]

Thats all!You are now connected with your slave PCs ;)

Unit 4: Special Features

This is a small guide explaining the Special and unique Features of Blackshades NET

1)Asynchronus Mode:

Asynchronus mode is used for very holding large number of bots.
This mode does not connect all the bots to your computer at the same time which might cause instability but keeps the bots

at stake.That is you wont be connected to all the bots at the same time but you can connect to specific bots whenever you

want to and at the other time you keep them at stake.

Step 1:Goto "Settings" tab and select "Asynchronous Mode" and then the bots will connect in

Asynchronous mode.

Step 2:To control a specific slave just select any function that you want to perform just as you do

normally and then Blackshades will ask you if you want to establish connection between the slave and your PC,select Ok.

[Image: asyncmode.png]

Note:The connection time may take a while when doing this.


The station feature in Blackshades is similar to the normal Server but it reduces the quality of the server.The usage of

the Station is only when if you want to connect to someone's PC securely.That is,the slave cannot traceback that it is you

who has RATted the slave.

Step 1:Create a Station just like you did when creating a server but just use different No-IP or

DynDns address as your "Master IP/DNS".Its better to use different "Mutex","HKLM" if you use both "Sever" and "Station"

Step 2:Set "Master port" as 80 and "Master Transfer Port as "3389" and "Bot Port" as the Fist Port

that you forwarded and "Bot Transfer Port" as the Second Port that you forwarded.

Step 3:Click "Build" to create the Station

3)On-Join Feature:

The On-Join Feature will basically execute the command that you have set whenever a specific bot or all bots connect to

your Client.
The tasks that could be performed are:
i)Dload.Exec => Download and Execute -This will download and execute a file on the slave PC
ii)Update - This will update the server/station on the slave PC by replacing your previous file.
iii)Keylog - This will start Keylogging the slave's PC
iv)Password - This will steal all the passwords from the slave's PC
v)Visit site - This will make the slave PC to visit a site.
vi)Spread - This will start spreading your virus to the slave's USB,IM,WinRAR,etc
vii)Notify - Sound - This will alert you with a sound when connected to the slave's PC

Step 1:Goto "On-join" tab and sort out for which bots you want to use the On-Join feature by

specifying the "ID","WAN","Country","Version".Or use * to execute the task in all bots

Step 2:Select the prefered task from the "Task" drop down list.

Step 3:Click Add to add the fuction.You can add many functions

4)Web Interface:

The web interface is used if you want to control your victims using a phone,OS including and other than Windows whic are

connected by LAN in a web interface.

Step 1:Goto the folder where you have installed Blackshades NET and then /data/web and there open

users.txt and there you can add/remove with admin and guest privileges.eg:admin:bsnet:password.Save the document

Step 2:Goto "Settings" tab and under "Web Interface" Pane type a port and click "Activate" to start

using the Web Interface

Step 3:By clicking Permissions you can adjust the guest permissions on controlling the bot.

Step 4:So now its activated,now you just need any device which needs to be connected with your computer in a LAN network

Step 5:Once your device is connected through LAN,goto web browser and type the LAN IP address of your PC suffixed with a colon then your port number for this.Example:

Step 6:Once you do that you get a login screen where you can login with your details and control your bots.


The Blackshades Market is a inbuilt market to buy and sell installs/victims/bots safely without the fear of being botkilled

or scammed.

Step 1:Goto "Market" tab and if you want to buy bots click "Continue" in "Buyers" panel and then

click proceed.

Step 2:Enter the direct link to your virus in "URL/Link to your bot"

Step 3:Select the seller from whom you want to buy and click "Next" and proceed after reading the

terms and conditions.

Step 4:If you want to become a seller click "Continue" in "Sellers" panel and set your price per 100

bots and give your contact email id and choose your minimum payout.

Step 5:Click Enroll to become a seller.


Ok so after reading this tutorial you should be able to use Blackshades effectively.
This tutorial was completely wriiten by me and I hope this helps many.
Please Rate,Comment,Vote if you like it :D

Thnx for reading the Tutorial.
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