[TUT] How to Download From $harecash/spam or anyother Survey [Any Country][Free]

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I have Seen so many members, new as well as old members posting that they cant download from $harecash as the download never unlocks for them in there country.

So today I would like to share this tutorial on how to Successfully complete a survey and Download that file from anywhere around the world for FREE.


TO all coders, Programmers, contributors: who use $harecash links to earn for their hardwork: Next time you give out a spam link, you could add a link to this Thread, so that people can successfully download and you can earn some cash.

TO all Downloaders, newbies, leechers: Just follow the Tutorial and i am sure you can download the file successfully.

Ok so lets Jump on to the tutorial...

Things you need:
1. $harecash or anyother survey link ( Obviously )
2. some way to change your ip to an US IP. (will discuss later)
3. Fake Name Generator.
4. A Google account.
5. And some patience.
Steps To Complete the Survey:
Step1: Changing your IP address into a US Ip address. To do this there are many methods but i will show you a 4 methods to Do this.
1. Using a Free VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) without any software installation.

Few of Free VPNs :
Best Free VPN [pptp server: bfvpn.com]
Real-VPN [pptp server: us.real-vpn.com] ( need to register to get login details )
USip ( Follow instructions on the Website )

Setting up VPN network:

- From Windows 7 Desktop, click Start - Control Panel to open the control panel;
- Click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center;
- Click Set up a new connection or network, then Connect to a workplace;
- Select option No, create a new connection, then Use my Internet connection (VPN);
- In the Connect to a workplace window, fill fields as below:

[Image: windows-7-vpn-setup-guide.png]
- In Next window, use Username in User name field, and use password in the Password field, then click "Connect" button to start the free VPN connection! you have successfully changed to a US IP.
[Image: windows7-pptp-vpn-configuration.png]

2. Using a Free VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) with downloadable software installation.
Few of Free VPNs :

hotspot Shield

3. Using IP changing Softwares:
I use Real Hide Ip v4.1.1.6, it is fast and can be used to change ips to different countries.

Download here
Virus Scan:https://www.virustotal.com/file/1ef1b333...314571001/

4. Manually change IP using Private Socks or Highly Anonymous proxies:
Things you need:
- Firefox browser
FoxyProxy Addon or
- ProxyTool Addon [ You can add a List of Proxies at once in this Addon ]
- US Proxies

You can get Loads of Proxies daily updated in the HF Proxies n Socks Subforum. or from this site : Hide My Ass
[ NOTE: Do not Use Proxies from CoDeeN CDN Network, most of the proxies with Port starting with 31 are CoDeeN proxies. you cannot complete surveys using this proxy ]
[size=medium]Just Use a US Proxy to change your IP into a US IP.

Step 2: Set up a Google Voice Account to get a Real US Phone Number.
First, you need to Generate a Fake Name and US Address.
you can Do that using:fake name gen. or Using this application.
Fake Name Generator : Download here
Virus Scan:https://www.virustotal.com/file/8c0f42e5...314571705/

Setting up Google voice account:
- Check that you have a US ip before you further proceed. Check you IP here
- Go to this link:Google Voice
- Login with your Google Username and Password.
- Click on the "I want a New Number" button
- Enter a Zip code from the fake name generator, and press search. If it says no Numbers found, Use another zip.
[Image: g3.png]

- keep trying till you get a Phone number, like below. select a Number and Press Continue.

[Image: g4.png]

- Copy and Save this Number for Future Use.
[Image: g5.png]
[Note: you can further continue with the steps, you will be asked to enter your phone number to redirect all msg to your phone. by doing this you can keep this Google Phone number permanently for any further Use.]

Step 3: Lets Download This SHITcash 
Now Go to the $harecash URL you want to download.
If you have a Mirror Link, like Fileml.com etc you can use this $harecash Reflector to convert it to the Orginal Link.
$harecash Reflector:
Download Here

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/file/79970516...314570978/
-Click on a Survey which doesnt require you to confirm your Phone number.
Some of the Surveys which will work:
Who is better? mcdonalds or burger king , [Any survey related to fast food.]
Which simpson,southpark,familyguy character are you?

screenshot 1

Image has been scaled down 10% (870x522). Click this bar to view original image (963x577). Click image to open in new window.
[Image: s1.png]

- Fill in all the details, and for the Phone number USE the Google Voice number you generated above.

screenshot 2[Image: s3.png]

If it still doesn't download Try another Survey with the SAME details.

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