Trick To Attach Handler UI In An Java Browser

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ok guys as u know attaching a handler version required J2ME skills, here is a trick to attach handler version.
All you need is the following tools.


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3. MS Word 2003 or later

4. Winrar

5. Midlet (HandlerMod & Unmodded jar file)

Here is the screen shot of required tools. Reply to see the hidden links.


1. Using Winrar, extract the midlets, HandlerMod and the Unmodded

2. Open Windiff, goto File, Compare Directories, then in the textbox Dir 1, put the Unmodded midlet folder path, while on the Dir 2, the Handlermod folder path, click OK.

3. Now this is the result, the lines that has RED is different, while the BLACK is identical.

4. Now we are about to disect the codes, lets say, the db.class, open JD-GUI, then open the db.class of HandlerMod folder, and the db.class Unmodded folder of . Select all the texts(source code) by pressing CTRL+A and CTRL+C, and paste it on Microsoft Word, do the same with the other one.

5. We should have the 2 codes pasted in Microsoft Word (db.class source code of HandlerMod folder and db.class source code of Unmodded folder), now save this file as Handler and unmodded, or which ever filename you like.

6. Open the Unmodd.doc, goto Tools, Compare & Merge Documents.

7. Select the file Handler.doc, and check the box Legal Blackline, then click Compare.

8. Then a new Document will pop-out, the BLUE colored text, are the added codes by handler. You may also see the texts that he added or deleted.
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