5 ways on How to protect your Facebook Book Account From Being Hacked

Sunday, December 25, 2011

1. Beware of the phishing scams 
Hackers gain unauthorized access through fake apps or website links. This is commonly know as phishing.When you click on a link to a Web site which looks identical to the Facebook log-in  page you automatically enter your username and password. The hacker now has immediate access to your  account Now all hacker has to do is use his newly found credentials (yours) to log in and  send a personal message to all of your friends. When your friends click on the link he gains access to their accounts also to know more about phishing click Here

2. Use Strong Passwords
Do not use  names of yourself, your spouse, parents, siblings or dog, or your birthday choose a  password   witch is at least 8 characters long use special symbols and numbers .if you find  difficulty in selecting a password you can use this website  www.strongpasswordgenerator.com  which automatically generates a strongpassword  for you, The website allows you to choose a  password  length and also gives you hints through which you can easily  memorize the password

3. Take Precautions Using Mobile Apps.
If you use a mobile phone application to access your facebook account  check to make sure the  signal is encrypted.In India most operaters use an  encrypted signal but be aware that other  countries may not use a protected  wireless signal. To avoid any problems always check with the mobile carrier you are accessing.

4.Change Your Password Regularly
The best way to protect your facebookaccount is to change your password Regularly .Change you  password at least once a month

5.Don’t Friend Everyone

That “hot chick” whom you don’t know and looks like some Hollywood starlet might be a hacker.Avoid  the person who doesn’t even have a profile picFriend people only you know 
I hope you liked the post .If  you have any Doubts please be free to comment.

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