How To Avoid Giving A Class Presentation [TUT]

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ok, so i'm sure you've all been in that situation at school / college where you've been given the task of creating a powerpoint presentation to show the class.

I'm sure you've also been in the situation where you've not bothered to do it. So, you walk into class, with no presentation and the tutor isn't best pleased with you.


Before class,

1) Open powerpoint, and create a blank powerpoint presentation.

2) save the presentation with a convincing name eg BiologyPresentation

3) next, close powerpoint and open notepad.

3) while in notepad, go to file > open > YOURFILE

4) when your file opens in notepad you will see the code of your powerpoint file.

5) mess with this code. delete chunks. and replace chunks with random crap. then save the file.

When you go to open the .ppt file in powerpoint, you will receive an error and it will say your presentation is corrupted. The teacher will probably be none the wiser and it will appear you have attempted the assignment but there was some dodgy computer mix up and you are not to blame.

NOTE: This may not fool all teachers.
You may wish to fill the original blank powerpoint with a few images to increase the file size which will make it more believable to any eagle eyed teachers.

This has worked for me but i don't guarantee 100% succcess.

Good luck and i hope it helped.
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1 comment:

  1. When i went back to pp it opened and worked perfectly. the code i edited in notepad is saved in my files and not powerpoint so id have to open it from my files for this to work


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