Hacking ADSL Routers for free accounts[TUT]

Friday, August 26, 2011

Most of the people never change their default passwords no matter what it is, they don't change them because they think that they are safe. In this tutorial I'll show you one of the ways how to use this mistake and get free ADSL/Wireless (If wireless router is used) accounts and enjoy in unlimited downloads.

First we will download the necessary tools:

1.) XPass
2.) Angry IP Scanner v3.0.4 Beta
3.) If you don't have Java installed, download and install it here: JAVA

You will also need to have version 8 OR older of Internet Explorer.

Ok so let's start with getting the job done:

1.) Go to WhatIsMyIp
and check your IP address, let's say that your current (ADSL providers usually give you dynamic IP's) IP is, you will change the last two groups of numbers.

2.) Open Angry IP scanner it will look like this:

[Image: pic1hr.png]

Now where it says IP range in the first input field we'll enter our IP address (but we'll change the last two-or three digits, in this case there are two to zero) so it will be like this:

And in the second input field we will enter the IP with changed last two groups of numbers so it actually has something to scan, we'll change it to:

And before we click scan we need to set some options so it only shows us alive hosts:

Click Tools and then click preferences:

[Image: pic2q.png]

Then under the under the ports tab under Port Selection type 80 'cos we will be interested in hosts with port 80 opened:

[Image: pic3hi.png]

And on the display tab choose "Hosts with open ports only":

[Image: pic4e.png]

Then click OK to save the preferences and click start:

[Image: pic5f.png]

After few seconds or minutes you should see your first IP addresses:

[Image: pic6c.png]

Now just select one of the IP addresses and open it with INTERNET EXPLORER!!!

It will ask you for a login credentials:

[Image: pic7kh.png]

Now here comes the mistake people often make, default username and password, in this case it was admin:admin but you can look for default router passwords and usernames, so when I logged in it looked like this:

[Image: pic8.png]

Now for most of the routers (atleast the ones I had exp. with) you can find username in plain text and password covered with *'s when setting up a new connection, so just look for something that says connection wizard or connection setup, and follow the steps till you find the username and password as mentioned.

So why did we use Internet Explorer for this??

Because XPass works only with IE, we couldn't figure the pass out if we used Firefox or Chrome or Opera.

And now when we have the page where username and pass. are just open XPass click on the X sign and drag it over the *'s and you will have this:

[Image: pic9v.png]

And password in this case is: 854179

Continue doing this with different IP's that Angry IP Scanner detects till you have enough accounts to fulfill your download needs.

Hope you liked the tutorial.

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    1. DSL is limited by the distance of your residence or business from the telephone company's Central Office and devices on the telephone lines...In some cases a location may be too far from the Central Office or devices on the phone lines may prevent DSL service.


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