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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey guys I just want to share with you two websites that I have come across that will grow your social network accounts (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter) without using bots!


1. Sign up for the webite.
2. Attatch your Youtube account and/or other social networking accounts that you want to grow.
3. For Youtube, the easiest ways to grow is using the Sub4Sub and the Like4Like. The Sub4Sub one subscribes you to other people. In return, you get points which allow other people to subscribe to you back. The same goes for the Like4Like except, instead of subscribing, you are liking peoples videos and in return you get likes on your videos.

I have not gotten into the Twitter or Facebook growing yet, but I intend to very soon. For now I am just working with Youtube growing.

-Go to settings and change the amount of points that you give per sub to 18 or 19 so that you are at the top of the list. The list goes from the ones that give the most points to the ones who give the least points. The higher you are on the list, the better chances you will get subbed or liked.
-Also, make sure that you change your default video to the one that you want liked or viewed.

I have been using this for two days now and I have been getting around 50 subs a day. I am sure that will increase when I learn some tricks and stuff but for now its around 50 subs a day.

Have fun guys! Victoire
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